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Met Police investigate Sarah Everard killer over ‘sex assault on drag queen’

The Metropolitan Police officer who murdered Sarah Everard is facing new investigations after being accused of sexually assaulting a drag queen.

Wayne Couzens , currently serving a whole life sentence for the kidnap, rape and murder of 33-year-old Ms Everard, allegedly committed the assault in a pub in his home town of Deal, Kent, in 2018.

The drag queen, who was in costume, alleged that Wayne Couzens assaulted him while he stood at a bar then proposed they take part in sexual activity in a nearby alleyway.

He claims Couzens revealed he was a police officer after he told him to stop.

“He went round to my groin and I went, ‘Oi, stop that. My partner’s over there.’ He went ‘Do you know who I am?’ and I went, ‘Do you know who I f***ing am?’,” the performer told The Mirror.

“I told him my drag stage name and he said, ‘I’m a policeman.’ I said to him, ‘I don’t give a f*** who you are, you do not touch me.’

“After I calmed down a little bit, he went, ‘Do you want to go round the back where it’s dark and give me a bl**job and we can do things?’ I said to him, ‘I’ve told you, p*** off.’”

The alleged victim, who reported the incident to Kent Police following the publicity of Ms Everard’s case, said he feared he wouldn’t be taken seriously if he brought the case to the police.

“I haven’t told any of my friends about it – I’m embarrassed,” he added. “Whenever I go out now, I stay close to my partner, I won’t wander. I don’t go to the bar on my own now.”

Kent Police said in a statement to The Independent it had been made aware of the alleged incident, which is said to have taken place between April and October 2018.

Wayne Couzens facing a whole life sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard


The force added the matter had since been referred to the Metropolitan Police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We can confirm the Met has received a crime report from Kent Police in relation to an allegation of sexual ­assault at a pub in Deal in summer 2018. Detectives are assessing the information and enquiries are ­ongoing.”

The allegation is the latest claim about Couzens to surface following his sentencing for the murder of Ms Everard. It has also been reported in recent weeks the former officer brought a prostitute to a party and that an escort had once come to a police station looking for him.

Couzens is also believed to have taken part in a WhatsApp group chat with five other officers, the contents of which are being investigated by the police watchdog for gross misconduct.

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