Cricket fans shed tears after seeing this picture of umpire Nadir Shah –

For a few days now, a picture has been going on in the cricket fans’ quarters. The picture is of none other than former national cricketer and famous umpire Nadir Shah. Who uploaded the photo via social media.

As can be seen, ICC panel umpire Nadir Shah is sitting in the chair. Sick, emaciated body. Hands and feet are completely dry. The fair face also looks pale. Extremely sad and cruel truth, Nadir is suffering from incurable cancer. Cancer in his lungs. The treatment is going on. It may not be curable.

Nadir Shah, who once roamed the field in Daputa, used to chat openly, was unable to walk. A few days ago, he could be seen in the field number four of Dhanmondi. He was also optimistic about umpiring in the next BPL. But this complex disease is slowly ending him.

According to sources close to Nadir Shah, his condition has been deteriorating rapidly in the last few days. He has been hospitalized three times in the last few months. Earlier, he brought the disease under control in Bangladesh, India and the United States.

But due to Corona, he has to take treatment in the country. Even in this situation, he is regularly searching for everyone on social sites. Nadir Shah was born on February 8, 1984. ICC International Umpire Panel

He made his debut as a member in March 2007 in one-day international cricket between Bangladesh and Kenya in Bogra. In 2013, he was banned by the Bangladesh Cricket Board for 10 years. He returned to cricket in 2016 when the ban was lifted.

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